Hyperrational isn’t a traditional service provider, and we’ve found we have a few ways of helping you with your projects!

  • Capitalising on our ideas
  • Products that are already built or prototyped
  • Available for whitelabelling or purchase

We refer to products that we’re building ourselves as “Labs Products”. These are all open to being licensed, purchased or whitelabelled. You can find all our Labs products, along with everything else, in Projects.

  • Building ideas together
  • Collaborate on the ideas and the execution
  • Shared risk and reward

Some ideas have a lot of potential, but don’t have the capital to hire people outright. For these projects, we can offer what we call “development investment”, which is a commitment for our time in return for future value. That’s most likely to be software development effort, but has also been business model planning and de-risking exercises. Hyperrational Partnerships are a close collaboration with you to do whatever needs doing to realise your ideas.

  • Enhancing your ideas
  • Project-based pricing
  • Flexible requirements

If you have an idea fairly well fleshed out and just need something built - we can do that too! Hyperrational Solutions is a project-based approach, where we estimate time and cost and you decide how to proceed. You can be as involved as you’d like, and we can be extremely flexible on requirements. Our agile processes allow us to get started and get you what you need sooner.

Our preferred tech stack is Go and React/Typescript supported by HTML5, CSS3 and Tailwind. These tools have enabled cross-platform commandline applications with pure Go, desktop UI with ElectronJS and Wails, mobile apps with React Native and web-native with services like Google’s App Engine and Cloudflare’s Pages.

We also have experience with many other languages and frameworks, and multiple hosting platforms including AWS, Digital Ocean and GCP.

Contact us to enquire about our lead times and how we might be able to help! We’d love to hear from you.